The Ferguson Road Initiative’s vision to build a library in far East Dallas is now a reality. Located at 9150 Ferguson Road, the White Rock Hills Branch Library is scheduled to open in early 2012.

The sculpture by Jon Barlow Hudson is inspired by the ancient concept of “windows into eternity.” The sculpture gives shape to the experience of ideas within one’s mind leading into other ideas.

Hudson was educated in the United States, Italy, and Germany. He has 60 commissions and projects in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

Bob Barsamian, artist and FRI resident, was a member of the City of Dallas’ Artist Selection Panel for the Public Art Project at the library. “Its title ‘Doorways to Knowledge’ lends itself to the Library image as well as its esthetic representation of book-like forms magically connected to each other. Because of its scale it will also serve as a place for visitors to sit and read a book or perhaps even do a little homework,” said Barsamian.