Programs & Initiatives

The Ferguson Road Initiative (FRI) is a grassroots nonprofit organization founded in 1998. Originally established to fight crime, our work now involves community advocacy, identifying and building leadership, communication to all constituency groups (37 homeowners, 50 apartment complexes and their residents, 30 faith communities, 17 schools, 2,000 businesses, 12 nonprofit agencies) and connecting the Far East Dallas community.

FRI is not a direct service provider organization. Instead, we identify community needs and gaps in service, then find organizations and agencies who can address and solve the needs of the community. We do the “heavy lifting” in the community, identifying large-scale infrastructure projects (like building libraries, parks, trails, aquatic, and recreation centers) that transform neighborhoods.

FRI is a “backbone” organization that guides vision and strategy, raises funds, convenes meetings, aligns activities, builds public goodwill, and mobilizes resources for Far East Dallas. We create strategies that advance collective impact initiatives. By working together, our impact is enhanced, and is creating a thriving community.