Motto, Mission, Vision, & Values


Working Together — For the Greater Good.


The mission of the Ferguson Road Initiative (FRI) is to engage and empower a community of advocates to advance a safe, beautiful, prosperous and proud community.

  1. Increasing safety and decreasing crime in the community.
  2. Beautify and maintaining the whole community.
  3. Securing funding to implement capital improvement projects.
  4. Providing education, recreation, social service and volunteer opportunities.
  5. Increasing economic development in Far East Dallas, both residential and business.
  6. Collaborating with faith organizations and community service nonprofits.


Our Vision for the Future

Far East Dallas is a strong and vital community.

Economic, cultural and ethnic variety gives our community sustenance and strength. All citizens have an equal voice and make full contributions to the betterment of our community. Our churches provide a strong spiritual core and a social safety net and our public schools are high scoring and have active parental participation.

Ferguson Road is tree-lined and pedestrian friendly, with quality businesses thriving on local commerce. FRI-sponsored economic development marketing strategies attract superior businesses and developments causing both business and residential property values to rise.

Our housing stock consists of well-constructed new and pre-built homes within a broad price spectrum. Our apartment communities are safe, decent and attractive. The neighborhoods of Far East Dallasamong the best neighborhoods in the city to live and raise a family.

The Ferguson Road Initiative is known throughout the nation as a model approach for bringing economic revitalization to an entire community through grass roots coalition building.


INTEGRITY . . . Our goal is to integrate ethical values into the way we conduct ourselves. This demands absolute honesty and trust with one another and with ourselves.

COMMUNITY . . . We believe that one person can make a difference and that together we can improve the quality of life for people in our community

STEWARDSHIP . . . We vow to take good care of the resources entrusted to us and to properly utilize and develop the talents of our staff and members.

LEADERSHIP . . . We act courageously, take responsibility for our choices and their consequences, and persevere through challenges and barriers.

RESPECT . . . We honor individuality and demonstrate compassion and respect ourselves, others, and those with whom we do business.