This is an important notice regarding the Dallas Fire and Rescue Ladder Truck that is located at 5600 East Grand Avenue in Dallas, Station 19. As a cost saving measure, the Fire Department is planning on removing this apparatus from service and reducing the number of ladder trucks in the city from 22 to 21. You may be asking yourself how this affects us? For many of us living in the FRI area, Station 53 (1407 John West Road), is our first responding ladder truck but if for any reason this truck is assigned to a run or unable to respond the truck from Station 19 would be our next closest. If it is no longer in service our two closest trucks are at Station 17 (6045 Belmont Ave. and Skillman) or Station 39 (10750 Shiloh Road and Ruidosa). Knowing this it is easy to see how this greatly affects our neighborhood. To help you understand which vehicle we are talking about it is the one with the big ladder on top. This is not a piece of equipment that the Fire Department can do without. Time is of the essence because the City will decide on this matter on the 27th of September.

The only way the City Council will keep this important piece of equipment in service is if our City Councilmember Carolyn Davis hears of our disapproval on this action. Her telephone number is 214-670-4689, fax number is 214.670.1819, and email is,

Please ask Councilmember Carolyn Davis to keep the Dallas Fire and Rescue Ladder Truck at Station 19 (5600 East Grand Avenue) and to not remove it from service. Let her know that we value our safety and we respectfully request that the Fire Department and City Council find another way to reduce costs without placing public safety at risk.