Our results for giving to FRI on North Texas Giving Day 2020 are LOOKING GOOD!

THANK YOU to the Far East Dallas community of the Ferguson Road Initiative. We are thrilled that our preliminary results show that we exceeded our goal. We’ll be updating this post as soon as we have solid numbers to report. Bookmark this page and come back soon!

Preliminary information:

  • Donors: 144 (NOT FINAL)
  • Donations Received (including fees): $21,898 (NOT FINAL)
  • Matching funds: $17,050 (NOT FINAL)
  • Total for the 2020 NTGD Campaign: $38,948 (NOT FINAL)
  • Percentage of Donors who paid transaction fees for FRI: 79%
  • Number of contributing ZIP codes: 26
  • Percentage from 75228: 45%
  • Percentage from 75218: 19%
  • Percentage from 75214: 5%
  • First Time Donors: 15