Leadership Meeting Minutes -September 2014


Serving Far East Dallas;
Casa Linda/Forest Hills, Greater Casa View, White Rock East, and White Rock Hills

Save the Dates for the White Rock Hills Recreation Center (CENTER) Feasibility Study & Master Plan!

  • Monday, November 3, 2014, 6-9 p.m., Vision Workshop
  • Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 6-9 p.m., Design Presentation

All meetings to be held at the Dallas Arboretum, 8525 Garland Road, Rosine Hall, Enter Main Gate at Garland/Whittier (parking and entry free)

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014, 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society, Rosine Hall, 8525 Garland Road

Purpose: To update and engage the community on our exciting future.

Meeting Outcomes:

  1. Approved minutes from February 11, 2014.
  2. Reviewed history of recreation center.
  3. Reviewed background of feasibility study.
  4. Met representatives of organizations involved in the feasibility study.
  5. Reviewed potential service areas.
  6. Reviewed goals and feasibility study process.
  7. Conducted an interactive exercise.
  8. Reviewed other matters and adjourned.


  • Sponsors: FRI Board of Directors
  • Facilitator: Vikki J. Martin, Chair
  • Scribe: Gary Lawler
  • Timekeeper: Susan Walker

Ground Rules:

  • Listen and respect the comments and ideas of others.
  • Honor time limits.
  • Stick to the agenda.
  • Share your experience and perspective with the group

Decision Making: Consensus, Fallback: Majority vote.


Raul Acosta, City of Dallas Diane Anderson John Armstrong Susan Ayoob David & Patricia Baillif Susan Balsam Lee Barron Ken Benson Charlotte Bennett Ralph & Bobbi Bilnoski Brad Boling Kim Bonfadini Darren Boruff Shirley Boyd Allison Briden Mary Brinegar, Dallas Arboretum Kyle Brisendine Cynthia Brazil Fred & Brenda Brown Rob Brown Scott & Denice Buchanan Carolyn Castro Amanda Chase, City of Dallas Jerry Clancy, FRI Board Robbie Clark Mark Clayton Sherry Clement Clarence Cope Brad Criswell Isabel Coubrough Robert Curry Beatrice Deen Gary Dill Rachel Duke Louise Elam, City of Dallas Lupe Evans Joanne Fay Dave Forehand, Dallas Arboretum LaRaine Forneret Richard Garbell Daniel Ortman Pat O’Toole, GreenPlay Cozy Palmer Francisco & Gabriela Pataro Mike Pratl, Jacobs Martha Quigley Bob Richie Tina Roe, Dallas Arboretum Rebecca Ann Rogers Angela Rollins, Dallas Arboretum Dorit Sa-Shalow Laura Saher Yvonne Salazar Pat Sanchez Allen & Mary Schaar Mark Schumann John Shankles Brian Shivers, Dallas Arboretum Nick Sieg Joyce Smith Jeff Snoyer Ed Snyder, FRI Board
Carol Gardner Diana Gilbert Kerry Goodwin Eileen Grass John Griggs Ashley Guajardo Kelli Hanson Gary Hasty, FRI Board Michael Hellman, City of Dallas Kyle Henger Betty Hillin Bill & Mary Hogan Charles Hollingsworth Brad & Lara Huddleston Christopher Jackson Gerry Jones, FRI Board Chapell Jordan, Jacobs Ethan Joubran Charles Kennedy Neely Kerr Kat Krone Gary Lawler Dorothy Lawrence Kathy Lawrence Terry Lendecker, Dallas Arboretum Mari Madison Kristie Mansker Vikki Martin, FRI Board Harriett Mason Demetria McCain Jennifer McRorey, City of Dallas Sam Merton Gloria Minaya Willie Morgan Jill Mullaney Susan Musgrove Nayirobi Nunez Brittany Nunn Mike Nurre Allen Olson, Dallas Arboretum Samuel Stiles, Dallas Parks Foundation Jeana Streeter Olivier Swinnen Desi Tanner Bar Tuinstha Jim & Debbie Van Zant Susan Walker Jennitha Washington Nancy Weber Royce West, State Senator Laura Whitter Cheryl Willliams Destinee Willits Stephanie Willits Willis Winters, City of Dallas Gerald Worrall Brad & Cathy Bradley Phil & Mary Wuertz Tiffini A. Young



Vikki Martin started the meeting at 7:00 p.m. by recognizing elected officials, public dignitaries, City board appointees, and candidates for office.


Mari Madison moved approval of the February 11, 2014 Town Hall minutes, seconded by Jerry Clancy. The motion passed.


Vikki Martin reviewed FRI’s twenty-year journey in pursuit of a recreation center.
1995 – 150 residents gathered and identified service and amenity gaps in Far East Dallas.
1998 — FRI becomes a 501(c)3 nonprofit, writes Department of Justice Weed & Seed grant to reduce crime, stir economic development.
2003 – FRI’s Bond Committee forms, advocates for library and recreation center, is approached about a multi-generational center.
2006 – FRI Bond Committee successfully gets $13.5M for library and recreation center.
2007 – The former Rosewood Apartments property at 2229 Highland Rd.is determined to be the site for the recreation center. FRI and Mayor Tom Leppert create a Memorandum of Understanding for a public/private partnership for a center.
2010 – The community votes to have $5M for building a regular center be used instead for land purchase needed for a larger center.
2012 – Having completed the library, FRI begins focus on recreation center.


  • Dr. Gerry Jones, FRI, spoke about $125,000 for a feasibility study secured through City Councilmember Carolyn Davis and the Parks Department. The community needs to think of this as a long term project that may be 5-8 years from being built.
  • FRI approached the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society (DABS) regarding a Horticultural Center located on the Highland/Ferguson site. Mary Brinegar of DABS spoke on desire for horticultural training for the community that would allow them to grow their own fruits and vegetables. DABS wants to share the Highland/Ferguson site with a recreation facility, feels this would make the area more attractive and will generate jobs.
  • DABS has decided to wait until the outcome of the feasibility study before committing.


Brian Shivers of DABS introduced their Board members and senior staff.

Bobbi Bilnoski introduced Jacobs, said that FRI had worked with them for about ten years on parks, retail, streetscapes, etc. She introduced City of Dallas participants and spoke on the Recreation Center Steering Committee.

Alan Zreet of Jacobs introduced his staff, including Mike Pratl. Pratl spoke on additional organizations involved in the process: Snøhetta for master planning, GreenPlay for programs and operations, and Catalyst for financial strategies.


The City of Dallas is looking at Park and Recreation service gaps as they are updating their Master Plan. They are looking at service area radii of 10 to 15 minute travel time and beyond. They will be looking at unmet needs of recreation centers within these radii.


The Feasibility Study goals include:

  • Maintain existing City of Dallas recreation centers.
  • Integrate with Recreation Center Master Plan and Aquatic Facility Study.
  • Supplement existing facilities’ unmet needs.
  • Operational sustainability.

The study process includes:

  • Market analysis and needs assessment.
  • Programs
  • Size and adjacency.

Stakeholder input includes:

  • Survey Monkey and written responses.
  • Demographic information.
  • Top three indoor recreational activities.

What are top priorities for a new recreation center?
Recreation trends include:

  • Physical well-being.
  • Mental and spiritual well-being.
  • Environmental well-being.
  • Social well-being.


The night’s interaction exercise included attendants showing areas of primary interest by placing dots on boards with the following categories:

  • Fitness spaces.
  • Multi-gymnasium.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Age specific.
  • Cultural learning.
  • Outdoor activities.


There was an announcement of upcoming related events:

  • Needs assessment and stakeholder meetings the week of October 6.
  • Community survey the week of October 13. Surveys will be due on November 3, 2014.
  • Public meeting and workshop on November 3, 2014.
  • Public meeting on January 27, 2015. This will include a design presentation by Jacobs based
  • on the November 3 workshop.

Ed Snyder presented a list of FRI volunteer needs.

Vikki Martin encouraged attendants to tell others about this meeting, and that the November 3 meeting will be very interactive.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.