Give For Good


The Ferguson Road Initiative is a grassroots organization dedicated to the complete restoration of Far East Dallas. Our mission is to transform our area into a safe, beautiful, prosperous, and proud community. Here are some examples of why people support FRI:

Hello, I’m Larry Ingram, owner of the McDonalds at I30 and Jim Miller. We support FRI for its efforts in economic development. Our partnership serves as a model program that teaches average citizens how to solve their own problems. FRI encourages business rejuvenation by companies such as Walgreens and CVS pharmacy.

My name is Jeff Bennett. I’m the Crime Watch coordinator for Claremont Addition. I support FRI because of their effectiveness and their efforts in reducing crime. FRI has generated new Crime Watches and VIP programs as well as strengthened existing ones. FRI includes the Dallas Police Department in community meetings. They keep us informed of crime stats and crime prevention programs. By mobilizing residents to work together, they’ve helped reduce serious crime incidents by half in target areas.

Hi! My name’s Nicole Miller and I’m a parent living in Hillridge. I support FRI for their efforts to improve education. FRI supported the efforts of the Truett Crime Watch. They pushed for funding to renovate G.W. Truett Elementary School. Truett recently celebrated its new ten million dollar expansion wing. FRI helped Uplift Education get zoning for a charter school on Ferguson and I-30. Now our community will have a positive gateway onto Ferguson Road.

Hello! My name is Manda Adams, pastor of First Community Church United Church of Christ and I support FRI for their efforts to clean up and beautify our neighborhoods. FRI brings everyone together for an annual cleanup campaign. FRI works with local schools, like Bryan Adams, Lakehill Prep, and Bishop Lynch to paint over graffiti and clean up our creeks.

Hi! I’m Robin Yeldell. I’m a volunteer with FRI in the volunteer tax assistance program. I support FRI because of the community services they bring. By providing free tax preparation through VITA [Volunteer Income Tax Assiastance] for low income residents, they were able to keep two million dollars in earned income credits in our community. FRI conducts candidate forums to help voters make informed decisions.

Hi, I’m Bryan Baldomero. I’m a sophomore at Bryan Adams High School, and I support FRI for bringing recreation to our community. They worked to bring a state-of-the-art sprayground to Ferguson Park and the first City of Dallas public skateboard facility for our teenagers at Lakeland Hills Park. FRI started the Kite Day event for Bayles School, now operated by the Lions Club and the Lakehills Prep athletic center.

Hello. I’m Dr. Gerry Jones, Vice President of FRI. Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at White Rock and I support FRI because of its forward vision of the future of Far East Dallas. FRI is a passionate and positive agent for change in our community. FRI worked hard to turn the dream of a new Far East Dallas branch library into reality. The resulting White Rock Hills Library has become a major asset and a community hub for our area. They are now working to transform a former crime-ridden, blighted apartment complex and dump site into an urban farm and community recreation center to serve a multitude of needs for all ages. FRI supports a vision for expansion of hike and bike trails and trailheads that will connect our residents to trails throughout the city. From envisioning iconic streetscape plans to promoting new businesses and getting them involved with our community, FRI is working to transform the environment of Far East Dallas. FRI’s passion and focus on creating pride of place, making dreams come true, is all part of their award-winning record of turning vision into reality.