Dear Friends of FRI:

As you know, in 2013 the FRI Board of Directors committed to focus on bringing a Regional Recreation Wellness Center to far East Dallas that will serve everyone. We established a five-step plan to accomplish this goal: 1) Obtain the property; 2) Identify potential partners; 3) Determine the needs and desires of the community; 4) explore interim uses for the property; and 5) obtain funding and establish a timeline for a Feasibility Study and Master Plan Process.

We have made great progress toward these and other goals, including obtaining $125,000 in funding for the Feasibility Study and developing a partnership with the Dallas Arboretum for interim use of the Ferguson/ Highland Road property to return the Arboretum Horticultural Center to far East Dallas. In 2013, FRI met all of its membership and fundraising goals, and continues to move forward with renewed dedication.

At the Annual FRI Community Connection meeting on February 11, 2014, we announced our 2014 Economic Development Challenge to raise $15,000 by June 15th through donations, new Founder’s Circle members, and new and renewed individual and business memberships. We need your help! You can support FRI by:

  • Becoming a Founder’s Circle Member, like our newest members Laura Berry Boeckman and Young Chevrolet! Make a 3-Year commitment!
  • Join, or renew your individual or business FRI membership for 2014 like our new member, Dr. Bob Deuell and our new nonprofit member, Mission East Dallas.
  • Contribute your time, talent, and treasure to FRI.
  • Volunteer to participate in an FRI program or event.
  • Thank and patronize our FRI business members!
  • Let us know how we can better serve and work to develop and improve Far East Dallas.


To date, FRI has now received more than $2,735 in committed funding toward our $15,000 challenge grant! Many thanks to State Senator Bob Deuell for kick-starting the challenge with his generous $1,000 donation! FRI Vice-President and Economic Development Chair, Dr. Gerry Jones, outlined the $15,000 challenge grant at our February annual meeting. He challenged the community to join recent Founder’s Circle member, Keith Young (Young Chevrolet) in either becoming a Founder’s Circle Member, or becoming a FRI member at the business, patron or household level by June 15th. For more information about how to come a member, click here.

Please join the following people who have contributed to the Challenge Grant:

  • Eva Ayala
  • Kenneth Bernstein & Barbara Clay
  • Imelda Banda, State Farm Agency
  • Betty Baker
  • Antonio & Isabel Bernal
  • Carolyn Bullard
  • Bill & Mirella Coleman
  • State Senator Bob Deuell
  • East Dallas Veterinary Clinic
  • Allison Engel
  • Gary & Eileen Grass
  • Pat Hatcher
  • Cyrus & Jan Johnson
  • Connie Northcutt
  • Bob & Jerrye Parker

Thank you for your ongoing support of FRI. Together we can accomplish our common mission of “transforming far East Dallas into a safe, beautiful, prosperous and proud community by inspiring hope and working together to achieve a shared vision.”


Dr. William “Gerry” Jones, VP, Economic Development, Chair

Vikki J. Martin, President