The Texas Heat is Here!

Does someone you know meet this criteria?

  • The individual’s current residence does not have a functioning air-conditioner, and in your view they do not have the financial resources to buy one themselves. However, they would have available resources to cover electrical costs for the operation of a window unit air conditioner.
  • The individual occupies the residence where a window unit air conditioner could be installed.
  • The individual’s residence is located 30 miles from downtown Dallas.
  • Additional restrictions apply, not everyone qualifies.
  • If you think you qualify call the number below and state the following word “ICE”


  • No tener ninguna unidad de ventana o central de A/C que esté funcionando. Si tiene una unidad en cualquier parte de la casa no califica.
  • No tener el dinero para comprar un aire acondicionado de ventana, pero tener dinero para pagar la cuenta eléctrica.
  • Vivir a un máximo de 30 millas del centro de Dallas.
  • Otras restricciones se aplican. No todos califican.
  • Se le dará preferencia a las personas de la tercera edad y a familias con niños pequeños.
  • Si usted cree que califica llame al numero listado abajo y diga la palabra “HIELO”

If someone meets the criteria above, then the North Texas Air Conditioning Initiative can help!

The North Texas Air Conditioning Initiative provides qualifying individuals in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area who lack residential air conditioning with free window unit air conditioners as a way to relieve families from the intense summer heat. Installation is covered by the program, but the recipient must be able to pay for the electrical costs associated with operation of the air conditioning unit.

If your organization serves individuals who meet the above criteria – or you believe you will become aware of individuals who meet this criteria, please contact the North Texas Air Conditioning Initiative for more information.

*Although not a requirement, priority should be given to individuals who are elderly, infirmed, or have young children
** The individual must agree to be present when the installation occurs.

If you are an individual who meets the criteria above, please contact:

Ferguson Road Initiative
Maria Valenzuela