Leadership Meeting Minutes -November 2014

Community Connection Town Hall Meeting
Vision Workshop for the White Rock Hills Recreation Center

Monday, November 3, 2014
Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society
Rosine Hall, 8525 Garland Road
6:00-9:00 p.m.

Save the Dates for the White Rock Hills Recreation Center (CENTER) Feasibility Study & Master Plan!

  • Tuesday, January 27, 2015, 6-9 p.m., Design Presentation

All meetings to be held at the Dallas Arboretum, 8525 Garland Road, Rosine Hall, Enter Main Gate at Garland/Whittier (parking and entry free)


Monday, November 3, 2014
Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Society, Rosine Hall, 8525 Garland Road

Purpose: To seek community input on the recreation center and to update the community on the feasibility study process status.

Meeting Outcomes:

  • Approved minutes from September 30, 2014.
  • Reviewed number of surveys received and new submission deadline. 3. Reviewed rules for FRI Board nominations.
  • Reviewed Demographic Analysis for The Center.
  • Reviewed Competitive Analysis for The Center.
  • Reviewed Site Analysis for The Center.
  • Conducted a workshop on uses with cost consideration.
  • Tallied and reviewed overall use preferences.
  • Reviewed upcoming process.


  • Sponsors: FRI Board of Directors
  • Facilitator: Vikki J. Martin, President
  • Scribe: Gary Lawler
  • Timekeeper: Bill Coleman

Ground Rules:

  • Listen and respect the comments and ideas of others.
  • Honor time limits.
  • Stick to the agenda.
  • Share your experience and perspective with the group.


1. Chief Andrew Acord, DPD
2. Raul Acosta, City Hall
3. Ann Bagley
4. David Bailliff
5. Lee Barron
6. Ken Benson
7. Bobbi Bilnoski
8. Brad Boling
9. Kim Bonfadini
10. Darren Boruff
11. Clate Bowen
12. Charlotte Bennett
13. Jennifer Bennett
14. Barry Boyd
15. Allison Briden
16. Mary Brinegar, Dallas Arboretum
17. Rob Brown
18. Hasani Burton
19. Carol Bryant
20. Wanda Campbell
21. Ken Cantrell
22. Sunny Coffman
23. Bill Coleman
24. Lionel Cortez
25. Isabel Coubrough
26. Brad Criswell
27. Mary Crockhom
28. Robert Croysdale
29. Louise Elam, City Hall
30. Paul Fietoza
31. Dave Forehand
32. Diana Gilbert
33. Melissa Gray
34. Kelli Hanson
35. Michael Hellman Park & Recreation
36. Kyle Henger
37. Betty Hillin
38. Bill Hogan
39. Mary Hogan
40. Doug Hunt
41. Larry Ingram
42. Sue Ingram
43. Christopher Jackson
44. Jan Johnson
45. Chapell Jordan, Jacobs
46. Ethan Joubran
47. Sheffie Kadane
48. Annette King
49. Gary Lawler
50. Terry Lendecker
51. Michael Lewis
52. Michelle Love
53. Mari Madison
54. Vikki Martin
55. Harriett Mason
56. Roland Melton
57. Sam Merton
58. Nicole Miller
59. Joe Mitchell
60. Juanita Mitchell
61. Charles Morgan
62. Susan Musgrove
63. Linda Newland
64. Brittany Nunn
65. Mike Nurre
66. David Obergfell
67. Jackie Obergfell
68. Daniel Ortman
69. Pat O’Toole, GreenPlay
70. Francisco Pataro
71. Gabriela Pataro
72. Teri Pierce
73. Diana Pollak
74. Mike Pratl, Jacobs
75. Mary Schaar
76. William Scott
77. Rose Mary Simmons
78. Ava Skipworth
79. Joyce Smith
80. Ed Snyder, FRI Board
81. Chad St. John, architect
82. Lt. Pam Starr
83. Desi Tanner, Truett Area Crime Watch 84. Debbie Van Zant
85. Merry Vickers, City of Dallas
86. Kurt Watkins
87. Willis Winters, Park & Recreation
88. Gerald Worrall
89. Mary Wuertz
90. Phil Wuertz
91. Tiffini A. Young
92. Alan Zreet, Jacobs



Vikki Martin started the meeting at 6:20 p.m. by recognizing elected officials, City board appointees, Dallas police officers, and candidates for office.

She announced that 430 recreation center surveys had been received as of this morning, and that the deadline for responding had been moved to December 1. Please encourage everyone to take the survey at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FRI-Recreation-Survey-Neighborhood-Leaders

She also announced that FRI had received a $10,000 grant from the Zale Foundation for the upgrading of FRI communications and technology.


Bobbi Bilnoski moved approval of the September 30, 2014 Town Hall minutes, seconded by Bill Coleman. The motion passed.


Bill Coleman announced that an FRI Board election would take place January 27, 2015. FRI will prepare a slate of nominees for that election. Any other nominations must be submitted by January 10, 2015 and must include the signatures of two FRI members and the signature of the nominee stating that he/she is willing to serve, plus an FRI Board application filled out by the nominee. Nominations should be emailed to Bill Coleman, 2001 Buckner Blvd., Dallas, TX 75228 or emailed to him at: [email protected] Please place in the subject title: FRI Board Nomination.


Mike Pratl of Jacobs introduced participants including Snohetta, Green Play, and Catalyst. He said the evening’s agenda would include a process summary, demographic analysis review, competitor analysis, and site analysis.

Demographics Analysis
Pat O’Toole of Green Play said that this analysis would include age, population, education, employment, housing, and household income.

Competitive Analysis
There are four recreation centers (Harry Stone, Samuell Grand, Juanita Craft, and the YMCA) and five outdoor pools (Harry Stone, Everglade, Tietze, YMCA, and Samuell Grand) nearby.

Site Analysis
Chad St. John, architect, reviewed aerial maps of the area with building layout concepts to show opportunities, not actual designs.

The design framework includes locating an iconic feature (such as artwork), utilizing site topography, providing pedestrian and auto access from Ferguson Road, connecting to the White Rock Creek Trail South, and using existing open space to the west.

Some things that will make this site special include iconic site features, unique program elements that complement nearby facilities, flexible spaces for community programming, greater outdoor environment/recreation connectivity, building a unique relationship with the Dallas Arboretum, and encouraging economic development nearby.


Attendees were provided with work sheets showing uses, with consideration for cost of uses, with 1 being low cost, 3 being medium cost, and 5 being high cost. Attendees filled out individual work sheets, then each table made out a work sheet reflecting the top four uses for that table.

There was a question about the work sheet showing standard uses, but how about more unusual uses, such as trampolines and/or rock climbing wall?

Work Sheet Tally
The top four uses were:

  • Fitness Center (8 of 13 tables had this in their top four)
  • Trails (7 of 13 tables had this in their top four)
  • Indoor Pool (5 of 13 tables had this in their top four)
  • Trailhead (4 of 13 tables had this in their top four)

Comments on the results included:

  • The focus should be less on trails, etc, and more about community, more about education, counseling, etc.
  • The White Rock Creek Trail South and the trail connecting with St. Francis Park are outside the recreation center feasibility study and should not have been part of the work sheet.
  • There was a concern that centers do not allow young children in a recreation center without their adults. The City said that they allow children five years old and older to come alone.


Operational Analysis.
City approves project and budget. Site/Building integration and image. Master planning. Funding/Financing strategies.

The meeting adjourned about 8:30 p.m.