Educational Institutions

FRI works with DISD and the public schools in far East Dallas to support the principals and provide funds for after-school and supplemental programs. We also work with local private schools such as Lakehill Preparatory Academy, Episcopal School of Dallas, and our local Bishop Lynch High School to coordinate educational events and programs.

FRI’s partners in Education include:

1. Bishop Lynch High School
2. St. Bernard of Clairvaux Catholic School
3. St. Pius X Catholic School
4. Dallas County Community College
5. Eastfield Campus
6. Dallas Independent School District
• Bayles Elementary School
• Casa View Elementary School
• S.S. Conner Elementary School
• Charles A. Gill Elementary School
• Edwin J. Keist Elementary School
• Reinhardt Elementary School
• Alex Sanger Elementary School
• G.W. Truett Elementary School
• G.W. Gaston Middle School
• H.W. Lang Middle School
• Skyline High School
• Bryan Adams High School
• Amelia Flores Youth & Family Center
7. Episcopal School of Dallas
8. Lakehill Preparatory School
9. LeTourneau University
10. University of North Texas – Dallas Campus
11. University of North Texas
12. University of Texas at Dallas

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